Waterproof Tech That’s As Rugged As You Are

hand holding a flashlight

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Going out to explore the big wide world is a fantastic time in our lives. You may be young, or of a mature age, it doesn’t matter as you’ve clearly got the drive for you to get out of your comfort zone. Because of this, a technology that you take along with you has to be just as strong and willed as you are. No good if the emergency equipment you take ends up needing emergency repairs. However, even before you leave for your adventures, what should you be packing? The heart says technology that will let you communicate with your loved ones no matter where you are. But, the head does say that you should be able to find yourself wherever you go and never be lost in the first place. There are so many choices nowadays that one may be overwhelmed by the plethora of gadgets, unique toys, complex technology, and safety equipment. There are a few products you should immediately put on your shortlist to save some time.

man underwater using technonlogy

Hearing in the ocean

If you’re planning a tropical or oceanic adventure, it’s not hard to find technology that will help you relax in the waters. Take a look at these waterproof headphones, and they let you take them down beneath the surface of the water with ease. Ranges do vary dependent on brand and model, but one of the best things about these kinds of headphones is there are no wires. Most of all, the party piece these headphones have is the fact that they run on batteries, some of them go beyond 7-8 hours before needing a recharge. If you’re going snorkeling with the children, or just pedantically skimming on the surface watching what’s going on below, this kind of item is for you. Also, they are Bluetooth connected so you’ll always be in the range of your other gadgets.

hand holding a flashlight

A light full of surprises

During your adventures across a faraway land, you’ll be confronted with the night at some point. Not to worry, as this VSSL Supplies torch is an awesome turn-to last resort. Amazingly it’s just a flashlight, or is it? Well not quite, because it holds emergency supplies for you inside its structure. Firstly this flashlight is waterproof so don’t worry if you have wet hands and it falls into a puddle. Inside you’ll find a wire, first aid, a fire starting kit, trail marker, can opener, and a fishing tackle. All this extra help does come in miniature form tucked away inside, but when you’re in a pinch, these things will definitely come in handy. On the side, you also get a 4-hour candle, water purification tablets as well as a razor blade.

Technology that’s just as rugged as you are is hard to come by. All too often there are claims made about how tough the exterior of a product is only to find out it’s very circumstantial. However waterproof technology has come a long way since a decade ago. Now you have the ability to stay connected while completely submerged, as well as harbor a survival kit in your waterproof torch.  


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