Techniques For Taking The Stress Out Of Preparing For Exams

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Have you started studying for exams?  Great tips in this contributed post to stay on track.

Exam season is always a fast-paced moment of our lives. College is a place of discovery, but it’s also a place where you are challenged in more ways than one. Just the act of studying can seem like a chore, even though you might love the subject and course you’re doing. Especially when you’re young, you have a lot of energy that you want to get out. You’re also experiencing freedom for the first time if you’ve moved away from home. With this comes great responsibility, because there’s no one to tell you what to do, and if you don’t study, you can only blame yourself. In an effort to knuckle down and get knee-deep in the books, one must train the mind to obey your commands first. Concentration occurs when your mind is away from distraction, and you feel motivated to hit a goal that’s important to you. There are a few techniques you should try to achieve this.

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Get the proper amount of rest

Your mind cannot perform at its peak if you don’t get enough sleep. It’s tempting to go out with friends and party the night away, but remember you have exams. You can party and socialize as much as you want, once your exams are over. You need to get your head in the game, which means first you need rest. Always have the minimum of 8 hours of sleep. This will recharge your brain, and go into the REM sleep mode, which repairs and rejuvenates your cells. Rest is equally important when you’re studying. Being cooped up in books and pages and pages of notes will eventually drain and tire your eyes. For every hour of study, take a fifteen-minute break in between so you can slow down your mind and not become overwhelmed. Rather than playing games or talking with friends which can lead to further distraction, lie down and just focus on breathing.

Take your notes with you

When exams are looming, students will be asked to go away from class and spend their time wisely. Whatever you’re doing for the weekend off during the week, always take your notes with you. If you’re going home for the weekend, of going over to a partner’s place, your notes can be accessed at any time from This product will help you formulate all your notes, categorize and label them, so they’re easy to find. You can also make flashcards, with the most poignant and crucial facts and little snippets of information. Access them anywhere at any time, to brush up on your notes. The layout is simple, and that’s what makes it effective. Your tools appear on the page, but they don’t overwhelm them, so you can purely focus on the answers to questions.


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Test each other

This technique has been used since time immemorial. Your friends from your class should get together and ask each other questions about your subjects and modules. Test each other as if you were in the exam, and slowly you’ll start to remember the key points as it becomes routine.

What puts people off from long hours of study is the fact that elevated levels of stress are unsettling. It can feel like there’s a mountain of knowledge you won’t be able to consume quick enough. But if you pace yourself, make studying a lifestyle, it will soon become second nature.


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