Why You Should Stop Taking Sleep so Lightly

woman getting sleep so she can be productive

Ahhh, the ever elusive good night’s sleep.  This contributed post is full of strategies to send you off to dreamland.

The average life of a working citizen is filled with challenges. There’s a lot to do at work, we need to take care of our children, and we also need to worry about our own health. With so many things to think about and take care of, we can easily tire out both physically and mentally. This is why sleep is such an important component of a healthy working lifestyle—because it enables us to recharge our batteries to tackle the challenges of the next day.

Sadly, many of us see sleep as a hindrance. It’s time that we’re not actively spending doing something useful, so we try to sleep as little as possible to get as much done in the day. This is incredibly unhealthy and it’s devaluing what sleep can actually do for you. For starters, sleep is not an inactive period at all. During sleep, our bodies are hard at work repairing our muscles, fixing our cells and replenishing our energy. Without sleep, we can’t make it through the next day, so it’s time to start taking sleep more seriously.

woman getting sleep so she can be productive

A Lack of Sleep Is Damaging to Your Health

It’s recommended that we get around 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep per night. This is roughly a third of your entire life, and although it sounds like a lot, it’s important because it helps you recharge. However, the amount of sleep we need can depend on a number of different factors. If you don’t tire yourself out during the day with physical labor, then you may be more prone to sleeping less. As a rule of thumb, if you wake up feeling tired or take naps during the day, then you need more sleep.

A lack of sleep will cause you to feel fatigued, and this can be damaging to your ability to make decisions and recall memories, thus decreasing your quality of life and productivity at work. Sleep also helps to keep our immune system in check. If you go for long periods with little sleep, then you’re more likely to catch a cold, flu and other conditions that are the result of a weakened immune system. Finally, helps to curb any mental conditions that you could be suffering from such as stress, depression or anxiety. One of the most common sleep conditions, insomnia, has been linked to depression through many studies.

It’s Easier to Get Quality Sleep Than You Think

Thanks to the internet and raised awareness of the problems surrounding sleep deprivation, it’s not easier than ever to get some quality sleep assuming you’re willing to do a bit of research. You can click here to check out a collection of informative guides on getting better sleep. It involves picking the right mattress, practicing the right bedtime routine and also changing your habits so you can fall asleep quickly and soundly.

Sleep is an important part of our everyday lives and it’s crucial that you get enough during the night. There’s no excuse not to get enough sleep, and you should consider it an essential part of your life where your body slowly repairs itself and not a bothersome necessity.

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