Are You Spending Too Much On Gadgets?

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Don’t spend too much on your technology.  Great tips in this contributed post.

New gadgets are constantly being developed to help make our lives easier. Many of us are addicted to buying every new piece of tech out there. But it’s not just the amount of tech we’re buying that can start add up. Many of us aren’t saving money on tech where we should be by buying from the wrong sellers at the wrong time. Here are some ways to lower your tech spending, whether you’re buying gifts or spending money on yourself.

Time your purchase right

There are some obvious times when you can expect to pay more for tech. Buying the latest generation the moment it arrives in the stores is certain to cost more. You’re far better off waiting a year when prices will have dropped and people will be getting hyped for the next generation. There are also a number of periods throughout the year when promotions can make tech cheaper. Before Christmas, you have Black Friday and Cyber Monday, whilst after Christmas, you have the January Sales – all great times to save money on tech. You may also find some deals on tech such as power tools around Father’s Day, whilst there may be some deals on laptops and e-readers in September to mark the back to school period.

Think multi-purpose

Don’t buy two pieces of tech if you can buy a gadget that does both jobs. There are now 2-in-1 hoover/steam mops and speaker-lamps and all other manner of multi-purpose tech. Smartphone apps meanwhile can do the jobs of many pieces of tech.

Be less brand conscious

With some pieces of tech, the big brands aren’t always the best. With headphones, you can often get great sound quality for cheap by ditching the famous makes – many of the best noise cancelling headphones under 100 dollars aren’t from big names. Try giving these smaller brands a chance and see if it pays off.

Avoid premium cables

A 100 dollar HDMI cable is not going to provide anything extra that a 5 dollar HDMI cable can’t, except maybe added durability. The only time you want to pay more for cables is when looking for a longer cable or a custom-length cable. Otherwise, avoid these rip-off accessories.

Ask for the display model

Many electronic hardware shops will have gadgets on display. Retailers sell these display models for less because they may have been handled by the public. Consider asking a staff member if you can buy the display model. Some retailers may only sell this model when the item is out of stock.

Sell your old gadgets

Many of us hoard old mobile phones and games consoles. In many cases, these pieces of tech could be sold on to make some money. Many parents are willing to buy retro phones for their children as a first phone. Even broken gadgets can still be sold for parts.  

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