Self-made? The Biggest Problems Self-employed People Face


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Being self-employed requires a strict amount of planning, preparation, and productivity. You need to organize your priorities accordingly and make sure that everything is done, so you can keep motivated, but also, you can earn a living for yourself. Working at home is one of those big challenges when you are self-employed because motivation becomes such a major issue. This is one of many issues self-employed people have to overcome, so what are the rest?

Technological Problems

For those just starting out, being self-employed means working with whatever tools you have to hand. This can mean that there will be issues that crop up on a regular basis. For example, if you’ve got a computer that is, in essence, steam-powered, you will find yourself cursing it when you’ve got an important deadline looming. This is why it’s best for you to have some proper computer knowledge, should something happen. If, for example, your Mac decides to give up the ghost, and you lose important work in the process, having some knowledge of recovery solutions for macOS up your sleeve will spare you a heart attack. Your computer is integral to you winning contracts, and delivering work on time, so you need to make sure that it is as powerful, fast, and efficient as you can make it.

Financial concerns

The life of someone working for themselves is a feast or a famine and this is something that we all have to resign ourselves to. There are going to be times when you will struggle to get by, and this is why financial planning is the best approach. Drawing up a budget, and sticking rigidly to it, is going to be your lifesaver. It requires a bit more preparation, but, by knowing exactly how much you spend in any given month, you can start to put money aside when you win those more lucrative contracts.

An inability to be focused

Being at home, working for yourself seems to switch on something in our brains that we are free and without rules. Yes, working for yourself is incredibly liberating, but if you don’t have an ability to focus on the tasks you have, not only are you being incredibly lazy, which could affect your ability to earn in the future, but you are making the job much more time-consuming. Waking up in the morning, and thinking you’ve got all day in which to do something makes you complacent. Instead, it’s far better for you to operate with a 9 to 5 mindset. Giving yourself an allotted amount of time to complete a task keeps you focused and motivated. It can take some time to get into, but when you do work at home for yourself, it’s vital that you learn how to keep yourself motivated and focused on any given task. Otherwise, it’s going to take you three times as long.

Yes, being self-employed is certainly freedom from the rigors of office life, but to tackle the task successfully, you have to ensure you are on top of your tech, your finances, and your focus.

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