Busy Mom’s Guide to an Organized Life – Organizing Your Time

Girls' Night Out developed by Tiime to Organize.  Presented by Steele Organizing.
Girls’ Night Out developed by Tiime to Organize. Presented by Steele Organizing.

The Busy Mom’s Guide to an organized life is all about time management, effective storage, and family scheduling. All of this leads to less stress and improved health.

During the workshop participants will break down their weekly activities and complete a time map. After the exercise participants will have mapped out what they need to do and what can be delegated based on their priorities and commitments. We will also cover time-saving tips and how to best utilize them. You never want to schedule appointments too close together and now with the time map that has been completed a much better view of a workable schedule is starting to emerge.

We finish up the workshop with an “Ask the Organizer” segment, so be sure to have questions ready. If requested, Steele Organizing will give quick tips to the hostess and the party goers for one trouble area in the hostess home.

Guests Receive

  • Time Map and Calendar
  • “Why Get Organized” Quiz
  • Kids & Routines Reference Sheet
  • Handout of Helpful Organizing Products
  • Resource Sheets for Charities and removing yourself from Junk Email Lists

Hostess Responsibilities

  • Provide home or other convenient gathering spot with comfy seating
  • Act as the point-person for the event
  • Send Party Invitations
  • Provide Refreshments (if desired)
  • Provide and area in home or space that she would like some organizing advice
  • Collect Payment from Participants

Day of the Event

Steele Organizing will arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the event to meet the hostess and set up. It’s okay if the participants arrive before Steele Organizing.  Payment will be collected at the end of the event.

Contact Steele Organizing to book your “Girls’ Night Out” workshop.