Stress Free Holidays

Girls' Night Out Workshops
Girls’ Night Out developed by Tiime to Organize. Presented by Steele Organizing.

Stress free holidays means being organized.  This girls’ night out workshop focuses on the tasks and gifts that drive the holiday season.  Each participant will complete a holiday inventory and gifts to purchase list.  A local professional organizer will give her tips on eliminating the unnecessary clutter from your holiday schedule.

At the end of the workshop there will be an “Ask the Organizer” segment where participants can gain valuable insights from a local professional organizer.  If requested by the hostesses a hands on demonstration with expert organizing advice for one area of her home.

Guests Receive

  • Holiday Inventory and Countdown
  • Holiday Gift Giving Tips
  • Tips for Simplifying the Holidays
  • A fun gift to keep participant organized during the season

Hostess Responsibilities

  • Provide home or other convenient gathering spot with comfy seating
  • Send out part invitations asking each participant to bring the bag they carry daily
  • Provide trash and/or recycling bins for the purse clean-out exercise
  • Act as the point-person for the event
  • Send Party Invitations
  • Provide and area in home or space that she would like some organizing advice (if desired)
  • Provide Refreshments (if desired)
  • Collect Payment from Participants

Day of the Event

Steele Organizing will arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the event to meet the hostess and set up. It’s okay if the participants arrive before Steele Organizing.  Payment will be collected at the end of the event.

Contact Steele Organizing to book your “Girls’ Night Out” workshop.