Family Command Center Workshop


The Family Command Center is an organizational system the entire family can use to stay on track and in the know.  The command center is centrally located where the entire family can view a calendar  of upcoming activities and have quick access to frequently used reference documents like school menus and schedules for extra-curricular activities.  Using a family command center allows you to distribute the flow of paper that comes into and goes out of your  home.

Girls' Night Out developed by Tiime to Organize.  Presented by Steele Organizing.
Girls’ Night Out developed by Tiime to Organize. Presented by Steele Organizing.

One of the key components to a Family Command Center is the active file box.  Guests are encouraged to bring the mail and paper that has been accumulating in their homes. During the workshop we will process these piles and create a customized file box for each participant.  By the end of the get together guests will be well on their way to being better informed and more in control of the information that comes into their lives.  Once you sort your incoming paper and get rid of the junk the file box becomes a part of the routine.  Participants have commented weeks after a workshop that they are still using their file box.

Guests Receive

  • File Box w/ folders to sort into
  • Resource Pages for:
  • Quiz to determine your households paper IQ
  • Handout with the components of a family command center
  • Setting up a Household Reference Binder
  •  Removing yourself from Junk Mail Lists
  • What To Shred
  • Paperwork Keep or Toss

Hostess Responsibilities

  • Provide home or other convenient gathering spot with comfy seating
  • Act as the point-person for the event
  • Send Party Invitations
  • Provide and area in home or space that she would like some organizing advice
  • Collect Payment from Participants

Day of the Event

Steele Organizing will arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the event to meet the hostess and set up. It’s okay if the participants arrive before Steele Organizing.  Payment will be collected at the end of the event.

Contact Steele Organizing to book your “Girls’ Night Out” workshop.