Eco Organizing


The Eco Organizing Girls’ Night Out is for anybody no matter their Eco IQ.  If your new to Eco-organizing or an old pro, this workshop will give you the inspiration to go to the next level.

Girls' Night Out developed by Tiime to Organize.  Presented by Steele Organizing.
Girls’ Night Out developed by Tiime to Organize. Presented by Steele Organizing.

We will discuss the three R’s and how to incorporate them into your organizing style. At the end of this fun girls’ night out you will be able to buy less stuff and use less energy, think of creative ways to reinvent old items, and know how to dispose of old items you no longer need.

Each participant will leave with their own homemade cleaner and spray bottle with handy at home cleaning recipe tips.  One lucky winner will receive a set of microfiber cleaning cloths to get them closer to their eco organizing goals.

Guests Receive

  • Spray bottle with homemade cleaner and recipes
  • Quiz to determine your households Eco-Organizing IQ
  • Eco-Organizing your home Resource Sheet
  • Eco-Friendly Shopping Habits Reference List
  • Setting up a Household Reference Binder
  •  Removing yourself from Junk Mail Lists
  • Charities and Donations Resource List

Hostess Responsibilities

  • Provide home or other convenient gathering spot with comfy seating
  • Provide and area of the home to make DIY cleaner
  • Act as the point-person for the event
  • Send Party Invitations
  • Provide and area in home or space that she would like some organizing advice
  • Collect Payment from Participants

Day of the Event

Steele Organizing will arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the event to meet the hostess and set up. It’s okay if the participants arrive before Steele Organizing.  Payment will be collected at the end of the event.

Contact Steele Organizing to book your “Girls’ Night Out” workshop.