Renovation Elation: Creating Your Dream Home From a Run Down Property

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Great tips in this contributed post on turning a run-down home into your dream home.

When you picture your dream home, a run-down old property that you’ve bought cheap at an auction probably doesn’t spring to mind. However it makes complete sense to buy a home that has potential rather than something that’s already finished- not only will it work out much cheaper but you get to customize it as you go, and tailor it to be exactly like you want. However renovating isn’t for the faint-hearted, there are some pretty major jobs that need doing on most run-down houses. However the finished result is well worth it, here are some of the biggest jobs you’re likely to come up against.


One of the main things to get right when you’re planning a full renovation is the layout. The property you’ve bought is likely to be just the start- you will need to plan any extensions, conservatories, porches whether you will be removing walls and everything else. Work out where the kitchen and bathrooms will go, and how many bedrooms the home will have (and how these will be split up). You’re probably going to need to speak to an architect or builder here so they can turn your vision into a realistic plan.

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Plumbing and Electrics

Once you know exactly where your rooms will be and how everything is laid out, the house can be stripped to the bare bones and the plumbing and electrics can be fitted. They might not need to be completely replaced depending on the age of the house, but chances are at least some work will need to be done here. The last thing you want is dangerous electrics or burst pipes destroying your newly renovated home.


Over time roof tiles can come loose or be blown off, causing leaks and damage in the home. If your roof is clearly past it’s best to consider having a new one fitted. Plus if you’re having extensions built, it allows you to have a matching roof all the way across the property. You could have a browse through a residential roofing photo gallery and see what kind of style would best suit what you were going for. When you step back and look at a house, the roof is a big part of it so it’s something you will want to get right.

Windows and Doors

Windows in the past decade have improved immensely, you can now get quadruple glazing and all kinds of fantastic windows. These look great and are also energy efficient, so it’s worth updating the windows when you’re renovating even if they’re not particularly old. The doors are also important, you want something sturdy and secure. Many modern doors come with high-end locks and glass meaning it’s incredibly difficult to break into them. Make sure you choose a style that complements the rest of your property’s design.

Would you consider doing a full renovation to achieve your dream home? Which particular job would you be most dubious about?

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