Overcoming Procrastination: A Coaching Program


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A Study in Procrastination

In 1963, a student at Barnard College was given the task of writing a research paper on the socio-economic impact of women in the workforce. She had two weeks to complete the assignment.

A week later, she remembered the paper and went to the library to start her research. While at the library, she ran into a friend and spent an hour discussing their plans for the weekend. After her friend left, she couldn’t focus, so she decided to meet some other friends for a bite to eat and get back to the paper later.

Two days before the report was due; she frantically ran across campus to get some work done at the library. Unfortunately, it was after hours, and the library had closed.

The night before the paper was due; she finally sat down with a pile of books and a blank page…and spent an hour and a half staring out the window wondering why life is so unfair.

When she walked into class the next morning after a sleepless night, she had a finished paper, complete with references.

She got a “D.”

Sound familiar?

Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the easiest destructive habits to slip into. Everyone falls prey to it at some point or another, and it almost always results in anxiety, fatigue, worry, stress, and less-than-excellent results.

Fortunately, I have a fail-proof system designed to help you create strategies to overcome distraction & procrastination for good.

Please join me for my NEWEST training…

Overcoming Procrastination: How To Stop Delaying And Get Things Done Now!

A self-paced coaching program you complete on your own time.

During this fun & interactive training, you’ll discover…

  • How to identify  your distraction patterns as soon as they start
  • How to boost your personal productivity
  • How to re-train your brain & re-ignite your motivation when it wanes
  • Your own custom strategies to help you find your focus at any time
  • The 3 Key Signs of procrastination and how to intervene before they take over
  • The most common procrastination traps…and how to avoid them
  • Easy tips & tricks to get out of that slump & back in action RIGHT NOW.

I know that you have big work to do. I know that you have dreams, aspirations and fun projects that you’d like to accomplish, and I also know how easy it is to put them off, get distracted by “busy work,” and end up feeling frustrated and depressed.

Overcoming Procrastination: How To Stop Delaying And Get Things Done Now! holds the secrets that you need to find your focus and stay on task…no matter what.

Don’t delay another second. You’re committed to your best life, and this training is full of strategies to help you get there.

To Your Success,

Jamie Steele