Organizing Your Home Makes Total Scents

the scent in your home can affect your producitivty

Great tips in this contributed post on how to make scents last in your home.  

There is something utterly magical about catching a whiff of a lovely scent. It’s one of those things that all too often goes unnoticed, like the delicately dressed unsung hero of a home. Just think about all the times you’ve walked into a room in your friend’s house that has a distinctive smell – it has the ability to catapulting you back to a time and place as if that smell has the key to a distant memory you had almost forgotten about.

Well, now is the time to start creating that same effect in your home, which can be done by simply getting rid of bad smells and replacing them with gorgeous ones.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to take the easy route and tell you to just add freshly cut flowers to each room and, voila. Instead, we have pulled together some incredibly gorgeous hacks that will have your guests complimenting your home’s aroma, while also keeping the stench of your teenager’s bedroom at bay.

baking cookies can fill your home with wonderful scents

  1. The Smell Of Baking (Without Baking)

One of the most cliched aromas out there is the smell caused by fresh baking. Cookies, tarts, pies and puddings – these are all the catalysts to some serious nose-smiles. However, you can get these smells without having to open a single cookbook. Mmmm hmmmm. To get that warm and yummy scent, all you need to do is put your oven on, turn the temperature up to about 200F, pour a teaspoon of ground cinnamon onto a baking sheet, throw on a couple of cloves, leave the door ajar and let the smell wander around your home, each room getting touched by that warm, spiced scent. How very festive and cozy.

  1. Lasso The Laundry Smell

Freshly washed laundry can be one of the most amazing scents you ever get to appreciate. It is just that subtle touch of freshness. However, there are some things you can do to make that smell even better and it starts with your detergent. First off, you want something that uses as little chemicals as possible while also having a fresh scent, like lavender grapefruit, which is why we recommend you buy your laundry detergent from Next up is dryer sheets, but not in the conventional sense. What you want to do with these is tape some to the back of your drawers, dresser and closet. Why? Because this will make your clothes smell infinitely fresher. So much so, in fact, you may find yourself sticking a load to the back of your curtains and under your chairs in an attempt to capture that smell even more.

use lemons to get rid of scents in the garbage disposal

  1. Garbage Disposal That Smells Gorgeous

Everyone loves their garbage disposal because they are just so darn handy. However, it does come at a cost: those leftovers and scraps can really start to pong and, let’s be honest, the smell of garbage isn’t going to inspire Paco Rabanne’s next fragrance. To easily prevent this kind of stink from rising up and filling your kitchen, all you need to do is throw a few leftover oranges, lemons and any other citrus peels into this unit. Repeat this once or twice a month and you will find your kitchen starts to glow with a lovely, lovely citrusy smell.

  1. No More Smelly Fridge Syndrome

Fridges are a haven of different scents and they can be totally disarming when you restock your shelves on a Monday morning. However, this smell can very quickly turn into a nasty odor as foods start to go off. A great way to neutralize this stink is with cotton wool and vanilla extract. Mmm hmmm. That’s right. Simply pop a few drops of the vanilla onto your cotton wool ball and then place this onto one of your shelves. What you will get as a result is one of the sweetest, most pleasant whiffs you’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Of course, if you are a student reading this, then a) your fridge probably always smells rotten and b) you probably don’t own vanilla extract, which is where lemon juice can come in as a replacement.

  1. Light Up Your Scent The Old-Fashioned Way

This is one of those old wives hacks that will utterly blow your mind (it’s also a trick that a lot of real estate agents still use when selling a home – that’s how good it is). What you have to do is turn the lights off in your home and wait until the bulbs have cooled right the way down. Once they have, place a couple of drops of whatever scent you like onto them (we like vanilla) and that’s it. Then, when you flick the lights back on again, the heat will gently warm up the extract and make your home smell utterly edible. You’ll get that warm, slightly burnt scent of homemade cookies, which is just the best. Of course, what kind of bulbs you have will make a big difference; LEDs won’t do anything while incandescents will work wonders.

use candles to enhance the aroma of your home

  1. Getting More Out Of Your Candles

We all know that scented candles are superheroes when it comes to giving your home a delicious smell, and if you want to know which the best ones are then has all the answers. But there is no need to go all out and light every single candle in your home in order to reap the rewards. No way. What you should do instead is scent some of the more unexpected spots in your home to get hit by that whiff when you least expect it, especially where fabrics are stored. It could be your airing cupboard (which is where everyone keeps towels and sheets, right?), or your closet. This will then encourage that lovely scent to be cherished by the fabrics. It becomes the gift that just keeps giving because you’ll get hit by the scent when you open the doors and you’ll find that scent gets carried with your sheets and towels and whatever, no matter where they get moved to.

Most of the time, organizing is boring and dull. It’s seen as a chore. But organizing your home to smell nice is the complete opposite. It is a pleasure.

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