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Got Motivation?

You’ve set the goal, where is the motivation? If it is the right goal at the right time, you may already feel motivated to complete the tasks necessary to reach it. If you are like … Continue reading Got Motivation?

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Organizing Defined

Organize: to put together into an orderly, functional, structured whole

An organized person can find what they need; at the time they need it. When an organized person leaves the house they walk out of the door on time. How does this person accomplish that task? The organized person has a routine. The different tasks that are required to get out the door are done in a particular order. The areas for the tasks have been clearly defined. Each area serves its own function allowing the organized person to complete the tasks in a defined way to reach the ultimate goal of getting out the door. Each area works together to form the structured whole. The way each person gets to that structured whole is different.
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