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You sit down for the day ready to tackle the work ahead of you. Your brain is bubbling over with creativity and you are feeling motivated. But the moment you step into your home office, you suddenly feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. Your desk space has seen better days and neatness seems to have gone slightly out of the window. How is your motivated mind supposed to function when your documents are astray and your wires are looking wild? Pull it all together with a few neat and easy tricks, your office space will soon become a preened place for productivity.

Paperless Perfection

Join the masses and go paper-free with your at home business. Not only will you be contributing to the green movement and supporting our environment, you will also be able to wave goodbye to the reams cluttering up your desktop. How many times have you scrawled an idea in the corner of a piece of paper? And now how many times has it got lost under a pile of other papers? Going paperless is the way to go and it’s pretty easy too. Simply create folders on your iPad or laptop and create an orderly paperwork system. If you need to make notes keep a small tidy notepad tucked to the side. All your thoughts and ideas will be contained in one place and there is no chance of you misplacing that money-making innovation!

an organized desk organized by a professional organizer

No More Haywire Wires

If you’re working with a lot of devices and equipment as you work you might be struggling to keep your wires in order. There is nothing more unsightly and frustrating than getting your cables in a twist. You need to keep them straightened out to avoid electrical hazards too. Look into buying an organizational wizard such as the C-Slide cable tidy. No more nasty knots and crazy cables cluttering up your imaginative zone. Keep them slick and invest in a tidy gadget that will help you out.

Slick Storage Solutions

Your pens and pencils are constantly rolling off the desk and you’ve got post-it notes coming out of your ears. Get it together and find a storage solution to organize your bits and bobs. Use a letter rack to slot small items neatly away and keep a funky pen pot handy by the phone so you can grab one and go whenever you need to.

Beverage Ban

Avoid potential desk disasters by operating a beverage ban whilst you’re working. That would include crumbly snacks too! We all love a morning coffee and pastry, but take a bit of extra time in the morning to consume it away from your work area. There’s nothing worse than a crumb-filled keyboard and coffee stained table. Steer clear from spillages and take a break away when you need a refreshment.

So transform your workspace from messy to marvelous and don’t let anything slip. Keep your cables tucked and your desk dry and you’ll feel much more motivated in your work space.

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