Home Makeover: Curb Appeal Organization

colorful town homes on the market and organized by a professional organizer

Great tips in this contributed post on getting your home ready for market.

The old adage is that we should never judge a book by its cover. However, when it comes to our homes, we always judge the dwelling by its facade. It’s natural. It’s vital that if you are planning on selling up anytime soon that you have a beautifully presented and well-organized frontage to your home that enhances its curb appeal. You want to have the best looking house on the street. Think clean windows, tidy garden, and brightly painted garage. Your potential purchasers will make a judgment on your pad before setting foot through the door so ensure that you get the first impressions right.

an organized home on the market for sale

Go Green

People love greenery. Even those potential buyers that want an easily maintained garden and lack the horticultural knowledge to grow anything trickier than grass appreciate seeing colorful window boxes and marigold filled hanging baskets. It shows that you take pride in your home and maintain it well. Keep your front lawn well trimmed and your border plants wonderfully coiffed, and you create an instant positive first impression.

Roof And Windows

The most basic aspect of your facade is the practical parts of your humble abode. If you have a cracked roof tile, this screams potential leak to any buyer. If your roof is sagging or looks a little past its best, you must sort it before listing your home for sale. Buyers will hunt for anything to try and get a discount, and your roof will be first on the firing line. Old windows and a dodgy looking roof will be flagged up on any building survey so sort the problems quickly. A well-maintained roof with newly installed double glazing will encourage buyers to pay a premium allowing you to reap the financial rewards and sell more quickly.

weather vane on top of an organized home

The Little Details

If you relish being a little more individual and are less inclined to want a Stepford wife white picket fence home, consider adding a touch of creativity and flair in the finer details outside your pad. Look into purchasing an ornate weather vane from Mailbox Works to add a little bit of style to your traditional slate tiled roof. You could install a sundial into your front garden. Or perhaps you fancy a vintage door knocker or retro doorbell to add the uniqueness that you are looking for. By maintaining a sound balance of traditional and modern for the facade of your dwelling, you’ll be adding the perfect amount of intrigue to your home for any potential purchaser.

Don’t Forget The Basics

You could have the best looking garden, the most expensive composite front door and the newest roof and windows, but if you have cracked slabs on your driveway and your bins are overflowing onto the road, your potential buyers may drive past your home rather than stop to look inside. It’s vital that you get the basics right. Clean up your driveway, smarten up the edges of the garden and keep your bins out of sight!

colorful town homes on the market and organized by a professional organizer

Organizing what is going on outside of your home will enable any buyer to visualize what it may be like to live in your home before even making it through the front door. If you are able to seduce a purchaser with a lifestyle that you can present with your design skills and creative flair, you’ll be able to command a premium price for your home.


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