Is Healthy Living the Key to Being Organized?


Staying organized is a journey and so is getting healthy.  Do the two have more in common than being hard?  

I’ve been working hard at getting my self in shape and eating well.  I have found that I have more energy to complete my nightly chores.  This leads me to believe that yes, Healthy Living and getting organized go hand in hand.

Here is why they are so similar:

Organizing and Healthy Living Require Energy

Whether you are starting on an organizing journey or a healthy living journey you are going to expend a lot of energy.  It may be in the form of exercise which we know expends energy.  Or it may be lugging the boxes you have yet to unpack.  That’s a form of exercise right?  Either way, you are going to be doing some heavy lifting.  Even if your organizing project doesn’t involve boxes standing can be quite exhausting.


You Have to Have a Plan

Organizing requires a plan or else you will end up with a big mess with no order to it.  If you are serious about being healthy you need to plan your meals.  Taking some time, in the beginning, will save you from frustration and help you stick to your new regimen.

Both Require Time

Getting organized does not happen overnight and neither does getting in shape.  Both take time to implement your plan and to see the effects.  Don’t get discouraged.  Keep going on your journey.  

When You Succeed at One You Succeed at the Other

When you get organized you have more time which allows you to cook healthy meals and exercise.  When you are in shape you have more energy and that allows you to knock out your organizing plan.

If you are ready to take the next steps on your healthy living journey you have to check out The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle.  It will elevate your organizing game.


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