Google Drive Hacks to Make Your Life Much Easier


There’s a lot to keep track of in life—work, home, volunteering, exercise, yard work, school, sports—the list really could go on and on. For some people, tech tools have made managing those to-dos a whole lot easier. We can enter appointments in a smartphone and share calendars. We can quickly find directions to a kid’s soccer game. We can respond to work emails (while at said kid’s soccer game). But there are ways that you can take that tech a step further with a few more hacks that help you do even more.

Take Google Docs, for example. It’s a cloud-based system that’s completely revolutionized work sharing and work management. You can put documents of all stripes, be they slideshows or spreadsheets, on a cloud-based file sharing system and let various individuals work away. So what are those hacks that help? This graphic explains a few to try today.

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