Getting Some Head Space At Home

restaurant can provide a change of scenery to get your work done

This contributed post has some great tips on getting some head space.

It is well known that your choice of interior decor can have a dramatic impact on how you feel in a room. For instance, a red wall expresses passion, and, as a result, can make you feel more energetic – which makes it a good color for a bubbly workplace that requires physical work, such as a gym studio or a garage for instance. As a result, most individuals spend a lot of time thinking about how to decorate a room, relying on their intuition to define how a specific setting affect their emotions. But what you may not have considered is the accumulation of all your surroundings, outside of your decor, on your mood.

a messy home causes stress


A messy home, for instance, can be contagious. Indeed, as the saying goes, messy room equals a messy mind.  What this means is that it’s difficult to focus in an untidy place. It clutters your mind. That’s precisely why you need to know how to declutter your home efficiently and rapidly. Starting with your storage areas, you might want to get rid of everything that you’ve kept but don’t need. It’s only wasting space and gathering dust. However, getting rid of things doesn’t mean that you should bin everything. You can sell items that have still a lot of life left in them, from clothes to pieces of furniture.

I don’t like my neighborhood

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how tidy your home is. If you don’t feel at ease in your neighborhood, it’ll always be at the back of your mind. Living in a loud part of town or heavily polluted surroundings can make it difficult to concentrate in your everyday life. If this is the case, you need a change of location! Sometimes, all it takes is getting great local movers to move you a few streets away from where you lived. Imagine the impact that moving from a property facing a tall house that blocks the light to a property with more direct sunlight can have!

I can’t work at home

Freelancers too can struggle with their office space from time to time. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean that you can always focus on your job. Sometimes, you need a change of decor to boost your inspiration. The same old surroundings can act as a routine and stops your creativity. How about looking for desk space in town? You can find plenty of facilities that rent working desks in various venues to business individuals.

restaurant can provide a change of scenery to get your work done

Too many thoughts

What can you do when nothing helps when changing your decor and tidying the home still didn’t help you to think straight? Then it means that it’s time to declutter your mind instead. Headspace is a wonderful tool that helps people to clear their mind with simple meditation tricks. You can simply download the app and relax at your own pace. While the purpose is to combat stress, you’ll soon appreciate the ability to shut down unnecessary thoughts and focus on what matters.

Unpleasant surroundings make it more difficult for you to stay focused and productive. From decluttering your home to learning to declutter your mind, the path to giving yourself some much needed thinking space is a path of self-discovery.


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