Yes, many students find studying unbearable and could not imagine it being fun. Okay, all students. Fortunately, there are ways of gamifying your studying and changing the traditional student rules with some thrilling ways of getting through school. Here are few ideas to help you discover the joy of learning and succeed even in your most hated subjects.

Background music

It’s important to keep in mind that background music isn’t something that works for everyone. Depending on their individual preference and attention span, some students simply can’t concentrate with the music on. However, research shows that gentle orchestral, jazz, or piano music can do the trick. In case it gets in the way of your concentration, make it a time reference for short but frequent breaks from studying – one song per break, so make it a good one.

Self-rewards and negative reinforcement

Create short-term goals and reward them. Rewards can be as random as watching an episode of your favorite TV show after a productive couple of hours or treating yourself with some chocolate or candy after writing one chapter. To make it even more interesting, try flipping a coin. Heads – you must put your phone away for two hours, tails – you get to use it once in 30 minutes. In case you break the rule, you pay by doing some squats to mix some physical activity in. The funny thing is that either way you win.

Keep a pet as your study buddy

You have probably seen Instagram posts of cats taking a nap on their owner’s books and laptops with a #doesntletmestudy hashtag and thought of how nice it would be to have a pet as an excuse for procrastination. Unfortunately, this is kind of a lame excuse. However, a cute supportive pet napping beside you or bothering you while you’re typing that lengthy essay is definitely a useful source of moral support that you might find yourself needing in those stressful student days.

Studying in groups

The very simple fact of not being alone during the horrendous and traumatic process of preparing for exams can make you feel a whole lot better. Join a study group in your class or go to one of the study rooms at your dorm to enjoy some solidarity and share learning experiences with others. You can even connect to other students on a similar level simply by using one of the many good sites for SACE notes exchange.

Use funny accents

If there are definitions that you need to learn by heart, try pronouncing them in a couple of different accents. You’ll benefit from this in several ways: practicing funny accents will help you show off in front of your friends, making yourself laugh and giving your brain a break from studying tension, and most importantly, it will help you memorize the definitions.

Take quizzes

This is especially fun if you’re studying in a group, since you can quiz each other, foster a competitive spirit, get help from friends, and learn some interesting things from the subjects your friends are taking. However, you can also quiz yourself with flashcards, set daily goals on how well you do, and thereby increase your motivation and ambition to do better, step by step.

Even for the most hard-working and enthusiastic student, learning can be boring at times. Following some of these tips will help you keep your productivity levels high while keeping you entertained as well. Bringing novelty to your study routine will create a whole new experience and transform even the dullest content into a memorable occasion if you approach it with a positive attitude and a willingness to make the best of it. No one ever said studying was easy, but it will undoubtedly be worth it – so go hard with some colorful markers, set up your desk, and get ready to work wonders for your grades.

 Phill Anchman is a Sydney based blogger focused on student travel stories and college experiences. When at home he is one man Hollywood trivia quiz, crazy about all things entertainment pinchin’ fashion tips away from TV shows and movies – especially the DC Universe villains. Genuine hell-man! He dreams of one day snowing in space so he could ski down the edge of the Sea of Tranquility screaming “cowabunga dude!”. 10/10 would definitely share the experience on his Facebook page. So better start following just in case.  

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