Five Things That I Learned From my Messy Closet

messy closet

Ok, for all of you who are embarrassed by your closets, let me show you the state I let mine get into…

Messy Closetmessy closet

Yep, that is the closet of a professional organizer.  I wish I could say it was this way due to lack of time, This closet got this way due to a lack of motivation and pure laziness.  That big jumble you see in the forefront was all over my office along with wrapping paper and other accouterments of the holidays.

In a rush to clean my office, because my in-laws were on the way in I shoved everything in my closet.

Here are five things I learned from my messy closet:

My closet is where my projects go to die.

If I put a project away in the closet, I need to reassess how important that project really is to me. I fool myself into thinking it is just a home for the pieces to live until I’m ready to pick it up again, but in reality, I never go back to it. That is ok! Our goals and desires will change and if we can take a minute to reflect on what we really want to accomplish we might not start on those abandoned projects in the first place.

I like to hang on to things I think my clients might need.

Mayonnaise tubs are great for storing craft supplies and lunch meat tubs make perfect drawer organizers. My clients generally have those things on hand or want to purchase new products as a reward for organizing their space. I don’t recommend buying organizing products until after you have cleared the clutter. I also made sure I was sticking to my contained areas for these types of items. I’ve learned to let go of many a good container in the moment. My closet and my husband were very appreciative.

I wasn’t utilizing my storage areas efficiently.

I was trying to fit everything I use for Steele Organizing, Clever Container, Garage Monkeyz, and my life in this one closet. I have an almost empty guest room closet. I store my wrapping paper and extra sheets in there. It hit me that the bulkier and less used items could live in there. That freed up lots of room.

I needed another shelf or it was going to stay messy.

Luckily, I had a shelf in my closet that I wanted to take out. Funny how things like that work out. Sometimes you need to add to a system. It is ok to go out and buy something if you need it. Maybe you will find something you can reuse or repurpose, but if not shopping trip may be in order.

I hadn’t scheduled maintenance.

Step 5 in the STEPS to organizing is to schedule maintenance. Now that it is organized again if I reassess the closet monthly I won’t have to take everything out to get the job done. I’ve put that on my calendar for the 3rd Sunday of the month. That will keep the messy closet at bay.

The closet is beautiful again.  I know where everything is.  I even found my yoga mat and started my morning routine again.  What have you learned from the messes in your life?  Let us know in the comments below

.organized closet Organized Closet

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6 thoughts on “Five Things That I Learned From my Messy Closet

  1. Congratulations on the completed project. I realized that I kept too much organizing supplies. I convinced myself that I would repurpose them but after a resent remodel I realized I didn’t use them at all so I weeded through them as reduced it down to two bins.

    1. Sabrina, thank you for your comment. Cleaning out my supplies was a hard one. I knew that they would come in handy some day, but space was more important to me. I reestablished my boundaries and now I know how much space I have. It was also nice to reevaluate what were the useful items. I’m going to keep saving the sandwich tubs. 🙂

    1. Sarah, I hate that my clients are embarrassed by their messes. There are so many images out there of the perfectly clean and organized house.That may work for some, but for others of us, life can get in the way. Hopefully, this post allows just one person to stop feeling bad about their messy situation and take one step towards creating a system that works for them. Thank you for your comment!

  2. I loved your authenticity and brutal honesty about the lessons you learned! I’m sure your readers and clients will appreciate knowing you’re not perfect but in fact human! Looks great too 🙂

    1. Thank you, Liana. I love to do these messy posts for my clients. This way they know I’m not just giving them lip service when we are working together. It’s so nice to have this closet back to a state that I can find what I need. I’ve got reminders set now for my scheduled maintenance. I hope my clients will join me in reassessing their messy closets with me once a month. Thank you for your comment.

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