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Find your motivation

What is motivation?

It means something slightly different to each person.  For our purposes, we will define motivation as  a driving force that initiates and directs our behavior.  In other words, motivations is a kind of internal energy – like a fire- that drives a person to do something in order to achieve something.

Motivation, in its best form, is an internal force that makes you want to do something.  It’s what drives you toward your goal, whether that goal is to wake up early, change a habit, exercise, run a marathon, write a book, lose weight, organize your life, get out of debt, or countless other things that could better your life.  Motivation is the key, but it’s not always easy, day in and day out, to keep it burning.  Just like with a flame, motivation burns bright, and it grows dimmer.

Motivation, in its best form, is an internal force that makes you want to do something. Click To Tweet

Motivation is not a constant thing that is always there.  Defining motivation is only half the functional understanding that we need; we must also be clear on how motivation works so that we can keep it burning bright as much as possible, and learn ways to fuel it when it starts to go dim.

Everyone is motivated by different things in life.  It is important to know what “lights your fire” and what does not, as this will impact the goals you set, the reasons you set them, and how easy or difficult it is to achieve them.

When building a fire, there is a goal for the fire.  The fire will accomplish something for us.  The same is true of personal goals we set for ourselves.  Or goal is to accomplish something that will better our lives.  Additionally, our desire has to be strong so we will achieve our goals.  Certain things must be true about our goal in order for it to truly motivate us.

  • It must be driven by a desire to attain something you truly want.
  • It must be in alignment with your values.
  • It must be compelling enough that you are willing to push through the status quo to pursue it.
  • You have to believe in your goal enough that it motivates you into action.

As there are many goals we have set and achieved in our lives, there are also ones we didn’t complete.  For some reason, we lost the motivation to continue pursuing them.  Why does this happen?  What make the fire wane and the flame subside?

There are 7 steps to rekindling your motivation.

  • Restate Your Goal
  • Acknowledge it Importance
  • Determine Your Motivator
  • Acknowledge Progress
  • Put Supports in Place
  • Determine Action
  • Lock it in with the Benefits
What make the fire wane and the flame subside? Click To Tweet

The rekindling process is powerful for refueling our motivation to achieve our goals.  And we have a much greater chance of success if we know why we are pursuing our goal, and have the proper plan and support in place.  You know that you can rekindle the fire of your own motivation if the goal is still important to you.


5 thoughts on “Rekindle Your Motivation

  1. Your 7 steps are a great path towards working on motivation. Sometimes, NOT being motivated to pursue a goal can be an indicator that perhaps that goal is no longer in alignment with what makes sense. Sometimes in order to find or renew motivation, we actually need to let go of an original goal, recraft or even release it. That can motivate us to focus on what we really DO want.

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