Festive Touches For Your Upcoming Meetings

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I love the tips in this contributed post on how to make your meetings more festive.

December is here, and Christmas is just a couple of weeks away. You will probably be winding things down in your company to prepare for the coming holiday period. Part of slowing things down will entail some end-of-year meetings with your clients. These give you both the chance to discuss how things have gone over the past year and the things you should start working towards in 2018. Seeing as it’s almost Christmas, you should try and add some festive cheer to your meetings. It’s a nice way to end the year with your clients and wish them all the best for the festive period and new year. Here are some small touches that will make all the difference.

Seasonal Scents

Add some festive cheer to your meetings with some seasonal scents! You can now buy diffusers and scent machines that release soft scents into the meeting room. Don’t worry, the fragrances aren’t too overpowering – they will be just strong enough to evoke a festive atmosphere. You can visit this website to see the kinds you can add to your meeting room. Some popular Christmas ones include fir and Frankincense.

Festive Treats

Buy some traditional festive treats, such as mince pies and gingerbread, and arrange them on a plate to place on your conference table. Your clients can then help themselves to some nibbles throughout the meeting. If you want, you could also offer them some festive tea or mulled wine.  

Sophisticated Decorations

It’s a good idea to decorate your office in December. This can help to boost your employees’ morale as they work their way towards the festive period. Don’t forget to decorate your meeting and conference rooms as well. However, you shouldn’t go overboard in these rooms or else they might distract from your professional discussions. Keep things discrete and sophisticated, such as a small, elegantly decorated Christmas tree in the corner or a small festive centerpiece in the middle of the table.  

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Christmas Cards

As this will probably be the last time you see your clients before the Christmas holidays. So, now is a great time to give them your company Christmas card. The majority of companies still get personalized Christmas cards printed to send out to all their clients – this seems to be a tradition that won’t be going away anytime soon! If you have any particularly loyal clients who you have a long-term relationship with, you might also want to buy them a small gift. Don’t forget that all company gifts are tax deductible!

Keep Things Casual

The chances are that your December meetings won’t be too business-heavy, and you won’t need to do much preparation for them. More often than not, they just turn into an informal chat. So, try and keep these meetings as casual as possible. Don’t try and overload your client with too much data and info – they might just be as ready for their Christmas break as you, and might not want to deal with so much!

Hopefully, all of these festive touches can really impress your clients!

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