What is a Whole30 and Tips for Completing a Whole30

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whole30 whole foods in a basket completing a whole30I’ve been talking about getting healthy in September.  Part of that process for me is completing a Whole30.  Some of you have been asking what a Whole30 is and how hard is it.  Today I’m going to share the dish on the Whole30 and how I plan my meals for the week.  

What is the Whole30?

The Whole30 according to the website is a short-term nutrition reset.  It is aimed at breaking your unhealthy food habits.  The Whole30 has been known to increase energy levels, help with allergies, and helps you to lose weight.

There are some pretty strict guidelines to the Whole30.  You do not consume dairy, grains, sugar or legumes, or alcohol.  The goal is to get these food groups out of your system and then slowly add them back in to test how they affect you.  Many of the foods from these categories cause inflammation which has been discovered to cause so many of our ailments.

How do you Prep for a Whole30

I don’t think you can be successful with a Whole 30 with out a plan.

Start by clearing your fridge and pantry of the items you will not be consuming over the next 30 days.  If you have family members who are not participating with you, they may not want you getting rid of the Oreos. Plan now for what you will do with the craving comes to eat said Oreos.  Maybe a glass of water or a beautiful piece of fruit.  If you plan for obstacles in advance, you are more likely to overcome them.

After you have removed what you won’t be eating, survey the whole good food you have left so you can start a meal plan.  A meal plan is essential, so you know when to be in the kitchen.  If you wait until the last minute to decide what you are going to eat you may fall off the wagon.  Pick which days you can cook and make extra, so there are leftovers for quick meals throughout the week.

Automation Helps

Here are two automation tips to assist you with Completing a Whole30

  1. Use a meal planning service like Real Plans.  Real Plans takes the guess work out of what is for dinner. This fantastic tool picks meals for you based on a schedule you determine and according to your dietary restrictions.  I could not complete my Whole30 without this tool. I no longer have to search the internet and cookbooks for healthy recipes.  It’s all right there and auto populated for me.
  2. Use a grocery delivery service.  You are going to be spending a lot of time in the kitchen.  It is inevitable for a Whole30.  Take some stress out of getting your groceries by letting someone else do the shopping for you.  I love Instacart.

What happens when your Whole30 is over?

You may want to binge the day after your Whole30.  If you are like me, you plan out everything you are going to eat and have vivid daydreams about enjoying your first bit of a dish with cheese in it.

Now, I encourage you to stick to the reintroduction process.  See what foods may be adversely affecting you.  

You may notice that your taste buds have changed.  After my first Whole30 my sweet tooth was completely gone.

The Whole30 isn’t meant to be the diet you eat for the rest of your life.  It is there as a reset.  If you would like resources to continue your healthy eating journey, I encourage you to look into the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle.  There are so many Whole30 compliant recipes in this bundle.  One of the downloads is Well Fed Weeknights.  The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is an invaluable resource for healthy eating.

Do you think the Whole 30 is something you will try?  Let me know in the comments below.

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