Coaching Programs


self paced coaching programSelf-Paced Coaching Programs

Have you been looking for motivation and just haven’t found it.  Do you not have the time or the money to work with a coach. My self-paced coaching programs will help you to find what motivates you, teach you how to use your time, and help you to set your priorities.

Each program is broken up into easy to complete modules.  Worksheets are provided to help you work through the information and increase retention.  Since the programs are self-paced, your can work on your own time.


The Coaching Programs

Steel Organizing offers seven self-paced coaching programs.  The programs all come with a 30 minutes consultation to discuss success and obstacles.  Click on each program to learn more.

Why are your programs different?

Each self-paced coaching program gets to the heart of the matter and asks you to look inward to discover your innermost wishes and desires.  These programs are about setting your priorities and focusing on what matters to you. You also get a 30-minute phone call with Steele Organizing.  We can use this 30 minutes to delve deeper into your roadblocks or talk about the other services Steele Organizing has to offer.

What are you waiting for?  Click on over for this low-cost training.  Need more than one program.  Contact me for multiple program discounts.