Buy High Buy Once, Buy Low Buy Twice

Organized kitchen

Great tips in this contributed post on buying for quality.

No matter how far humanity progresses, they’ll always be tiers. Tiers of human beings, tiers of products, tiers of understanding and tiers of philosophy. When it comes to making a worthwhile purchase that will make your life easier and less stressful, home appliances are at the top of the list. Buying cheap is sometimes the only option if you’re unable to look at other options. However, it’s true for anyone of any financial stature, that if you buy high quality, your product will last longer, while if you buy a lower quality item, it won’t last as long and you will have to buy again. There’s a reason why better products cost more, and it’s not just because of their features and build quality, but their longevity as well. Starting off in the home, look around at the things you have bought and either had to replace them or get rid of them indefinitely. This is why you should price longevity into your home.

Low set vacuum cleaners

The philosophy for many home appliances is reliability over everything else. The most used items should also be built for endurance and have their features stay up to a high quality for longer. Vacuum cleaners that have their suction system vertical will overtime, lose their power more so than that of modern products. Low set vacuum cleaners like from the Dyson company, use systems that are low on the ground, improving weight balance. This allows the manufacturers to increase pressure and also make a compact cleaner. Don’t opt for a vacuum that has its hoover joined to the suction chamber as this doesn’t allow the pipe to be elongated, and thus have a less chance of clogging.

Modern washers

Washing machines are quite remarkable machines. The internals is designed to operate under extreme conditions of heat and pressure. The rotations or the spin basket revolves at speeds in a cyclic fashion. This is why it’s important to never underestimate how important quality in this kind of home appliance is. New washers are the reverse of older models that are designed to be loaded from the top and cyclic horizontally. This puts a lot of longitudinal pressures on the frame of the machine, which limits the capacity while needing the most amount of water. This is not very efficient as modern designs like compact front loading machines. They also use less water but have higher temperatures to make use of the volume that is pumped through the different settings.

Organized kitchen

Colder the better

The issue most people have with fridges is that the cheaper you go, the less efficient they are not just in power usage, but they don’t keep the items stored as cold, and they make a lot of noise. Newer fridges are purpose-built to be less noisy, not hog as much electricity while also circulating the cold air inside. Buying cheap in this home appliance is perhaps the worst of them all, as you’re dealing with your food being kept in good condition until you want to use it.

Most of the time you’ll be learning this kind of philosophy the hard way in life. But you should save yourself the trouble and buy high quality and therefore only buy once. Cheaper products are alluring, but it’s almost a guarantee that they will not last as long.

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