Avoid The Havoc That Comes With Home Repairs


This contributed post details some of the first things to do after a natural disaster and how to possibly save some money on repairs.

As the effects of Hurricane Irma are felt, in the aftermath a lot of people across the Gulf coast of the USA are going to be making repairs to their home. Or, at least, doing their best to fix what has been broken. This won’t always be possible due to the money and time it will cost. In some cases, people just won’t have the cash in the budget to pay for the repairs they need. Particularly, if the issue isn’t covered by their home insurance. That’s why speaking to your home insurance company should always be your first step. Make sure that you are taking the time to check whether the coverage will help you pay for the damages.

Speaking To The Insurance Provider

You should look around your home assessing the damage first. Once you are aware of the problem areas, contact your home insurance company. They may not trust you at your word and instead send someone out to assess your claims. You could be asked to provide photographic evidence of the damage as well. When making a claim, it is possible that they suggest that your home insurance plan doesn’t cover the damage. Do make sure that you check the fine print of your coverage policy and ensure that they are not trying to dodge an expensive payout.

In some cases, you might also want to avoid getting your insurance company to pay the full amount. Instead, you can get them to pay half and for you to cover the rest. By doing this, you can avoid your premium rising dramatically.

Was It Time For A Renovation Anyway?

It’s difficult at the time, but if there is extensive damage to your home, you could look at it as an opportunity. Yes, your conservatory has been destroyed, but weren’t you thinking about rebuilding anyway with a more modern redesign? If so, now might be the perfect time to get organized and move forward with this project. If you don’t have the money to complete this type of repair and renovation, perhaps you should consider looking at secured homeowner loans. Using your house as equity, you can borrow between three and twenty thousand to improve your home. It really can be that easy.

Could You DIY?

If the damage to your home is only minor, perhaps you could think about getting organized and carrying out the work yourself. Make sure you are aware of the cost so that the price doesn’t balloon as you make mistakes and corrections. You’ll find DIY guides online for almost every minor home repair including leaking pipes, a blown a fuse and a broken garden fence.

Are You Hiring The Best?

Finally, for some of the jobs, you will need to hire a professional or a handyman. That’s okay, just make sure that you are hiring a fully qualified professional. It’s tempting to cut the costs here and save some money. Be aware that if you do this, you’ll probably just end up repeating the process a few months or even weeks later.

If you are are on the Gulf Coast and in need of assistance, the following companies may be able to help you.  I know each of these people individually.  If you have any questions about the resources on this list please feel free to reach out.

  • Kyle Mckinley ServePro (Water damage restoration) 512-635-0073
  • Jackson Bailey Alden Roofing 512-983-8361
  • Brandon Miles Remarkable Results (Surface Cleaning)
  • Brent Amato Mr. Pfix It (Handyman) 512-790-3499
  • Ricardo Brenes Can help recover pictures and files from damaged hard drives 954-850-0719
  • Jason Gaudreau Christian Brothers Automotives 
    Can help with cars that had water in them and are currently in the Austin area.

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