Take Back Control

Who are you?

Hi! I am Jamie Steele! I am Austin’s time and technology guru, a professional organizer, and productivity consultant. I work with busy professionals to find the order in their day. Organizing space, time and technology I help you to create an environment that promotes productivity so you can focus on your passions. I believe with the aid of technology that you can work with your day in sync with your priorities.

What Does that Mean?

It means teaching yourself how to find and create focus spots in your routine. At Steele Organizing we ask what can you do while that first cup of coffee is brewing. We look at the whole environment and see where we can help you to reduce clutter and save steps to give you more time for what matters to you. It means assessing your priorities and getting rid of what doesn’t need to be “to-done.” It means creating time for your self-care. If we are rested and refreshed, we can be there for others. We must put our oxygen mask on first.