8 Ways to Prepare for Home Emergencies

have a locksmith in contacts for emergencies

This contributed post details ways to stay safe when an emergency arises.

No one ever wants something to go wrong at home, but there are all kinds of emergencies that can occur. Of course, emergencies vary in just how much trouble they cause. A fire is a little more panic-inducing than a leaking tap or even accidentally locking yourself out. But whatever the scale of the emergency, being prepared for it will it help you out if it ever occurs. You can’t ever predict the exact date when you’re going to have to deal with one of these issues, but if you’re ready for anything to happen, it won’t be so hard to deal with. Here’s how you can tackle some common home emergencies.

a security camera can keep your home safe

Set Up a Security Camera and Alarm

Experiencing a break-in can be frightening and anger-inducing too. You feel like your personal space has been violated, and likely some of your things have been taken too. The best thing you can do is try to prevent break-ins so that you don’t have to deal with the aftermath. A security alarm and perhaps some outdoor security lighting are useful when you’re away from home. It’s also important to be sensible and make sure you close windows and secure doors. A security camera will also deter people from breaking in, and it captures anyone who manages to be successful. Remember to keep your insurance up to date too, just in case.

Have a Preferred Plumber and Electrician

Problems with your plumbing and electricity can range from being an inconvenience to an all-out emergency. You can’t know what to do in every situation, but you can have the contact information of someone who does. When something goes wrong, you probably don’t want to waste valuable time looking for someone who can fix it. A better idea is to have a preferred plumber or electrician who can come out when you need them. It’s helpful if you’ve used them before, as you’ll know how good they are. But if you don’t already have someone in mind, read reviews and ratings to find the right service. Make sure you find companies that will do emergency call-outs at any time or day of the week.

Know Emergency Numbers

You know to call 911 if you need the emergency services, but do you know who to call in other emergencies? For example, if you suspect a gas leak at your home, who do you call to tell them about it? It’s useful to have a list of emergency numbers you can call whenever you need help for anything that might not call for an ambulance, the police or the fire service. You might want to have direct numbers for your doctor or other medical services, the poison control center, or even just friends and family members you can contact when you need help.

have a locksmith in contacts for emergencies

Keep a Locksmith on Hand

Getting locked out of your home or your car is no fun. You need to get in as soon as possible, but being locked out can make you panic a bit. You might have your phone with you, but looking for a locksmith who can help you could take a while. If you keep a locksmith’s number on your phone, you can quickly get in touch with an emergency service. Companies like Eastway Lock & Key can help you out if you need to get into your home or your car. Make sure you check their credentials before you decide which service is for you because there is a potential for locksmiths to be fraudsters. Some locksmiths might want to see some ID or proof of address, so it’s useful if you have that with you too.

Install Fire Safety Equipment

A fire in your home can spread quickly, and it can be started in a number of ways. From kitchen fires to electrical fires, your home could be destroyed if you’re not careful. Fire safety equipment can help you to deal with fires quickly or at least acknowledge them so you can call the emergency services. You should have alarms in your home that detect either smoke or heat. You might also have equipment like a fire extinguisher or a fire blanket. Sprinklers are appropriate in some places, but most people don’t have them in their homes. They’re often used in apartment buildings.

flashlights are handy for power outages

Have Power Outage Supplies

Blackouts can be fun for a little while, but they’re not ideal if they occur all the time. Having some handy supplies to help you out will make it easier to get through them, however frequent they are. Flashlights and candles are always helpful, although you should be careful when you use candles. You don’t want to end up dealing with both a blackout and a fire. You might also want to have some charged portable power banks so that you can keep things like your phone going. Batteries are useful for any battery-powered items too. You might want to have some snacks on hand too – just in case you get hungry before the power comes back on.

Know Your Way Around Your Heating System

Next to the lights going out, your heating system deciding not to work has to be one of the most annoying things. But it could be more dangerous, especially in the middle of winter. While you don’t need to be an expert, it is a good idea to know a few things about how to operate your furnace or other heating system. Not every problem requires you to call out a heating engineer, and it’s always best to avoid having to do that.

Find Out How to Turn the Water Off

Similarly, knowing how to turn off the water mains for your home is pretty handy. If you have any problems, from burst pipes to leaking faucets, being able to turn off the water will help to prevent further damage. Plus, there are some problems you can fix yourself, but it’s often best to turn the water off first.

Being well prepared is always better than looking for a solution in the moment. Get ready at home, and you’ll be able to deal with anything.

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