5 Decorating Jobs You Wish You Didn’t Have To Do


Another excellent contributed post discussing 5 areas you may not like decorating.  Personally, a couple of favorite areas are on this list.  

Most of us want our homes to look good. The presentation is important, and part of that involves decorating to a high standard. Of course, there are many different tasks involved when it comes to making things decorative, or refreshing the interior decor. Some of them are fun to do, and we might even look forward to them. Then there are these five – the ones we dread the most!


Refreshing the paintwork in the stairway is tough, regardless of how tall you might be. It is impossible to create a good finish up in the top corners where you have the void for the stairs. You can’t reach, and you can’t balance on anything safely when the stairs are your only ground surface. Most of us give up and call in the pros who have the expertise and the equipment to get the job done. Why not paint this area brilliant white? Use stick-on decals to create the decorative effects you want. They easily peel off for a quick change within reach!

Holiday Lighting Outdoors

Most people love the warm glow of fairy lights to welcome them home on a dark and snowy evening. But they are such a pain to put up! Reaching the eaves and the roof is a big enough challenge. Then there is the hassle of finding the space to store hundreds of lights on a string! Fortunately, there are lighting specialists that can put them up, take them down and even store your holiday lights for you. What could you do with the day it would have taken you to do it all yourself? Eggnog anyone?


Giving gifts also gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling we love. What you might not love quite so much is all the fiddly bits of wrapping and decorating the gift before you hand it over. Curling the ribbon, and folding the edges of the paper carefully? If you’re heavy handed, then this isn’t going to end well for you! Why not buy a gift box that looks exactly like a wrapped up gift? It makes opening the gift a lot easier for the recipient too.

Kids Bedrooms

Children grow up so quickly. And their tastes and preferences change even quicker. One minute they’re pestering you for Mickey Mouse wallpaper. The next, they’re demanding Power Rangers. Stripping all that wallpaper and preparing the walls for the next TV classic is a lot of work. And if they’ve been gluing or sellotaping posters to the paintwork, you’ve got a few repair jobs to tackle first! Once you’ve got the wall looking good, put up a giant pinboard, and encourage them to put as many posters as they like onto that.


If you’ve got a deck or wooden balustrades or kickboards, then you’ve got wood that needs protecting. To make sure it stays in good condition, you’re going to have to sand it. This smooths the surface and prepares it for the next coat of stain or paint. Do your nails a favor and get a mini sander!

Which decorating jobs do you hate the most? Let us know in the comments. 

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