4 Ways a Professional Organizer Can Help You Through the Holidays

stress free holiday season

The holidays can be a stressful time of year.  Professional Organizers can help get you through the season without losing your joy.  Here are some of the items a Professional Organizer can do for you during this festive season.

Help you create a plan

Not sure where to start? Call up a professional organizer in your area and they can help you complete a master plan for your holiday season.  They can help you decide what traditions you are going to carry forward from previous years, create task lists of all that needs to be done, and create a timeline for tasks to be completed.  A Professional Organizer brings the eyes of a stranger to help you access if you are putting too much on your schedule.  An organizer working for you in this capacity will help you stress less during the season.

Help you decorate

Yep, you read that right.  Need help getting those decorations up?  Professional Organizers are a crafty people and some love decorating.  Each organizers skill set will be different, but many will help you plan out and put up your decorations.  Personally, taking decorations down and inventorying them for clients is a favorite task of mine.  I love to set clients up for success the next year.

stress free holiday season

Do your holiday shopping

Whether it is groceries or gifts a Professional Organizer with a list is a pro at picking up what you need.  Professional Organizer know of nifty little sites like mancrates.com to give the most unique gifts to those on your lists.  Organizers don’t mind driving around town to pick up what you need.  You do however need to be specific and OK any substitutions.

Mail out holiday cards

Do you dislike mailing out cards?  Does addressing them and stamping the envelopes make you want to run for the hills. Many professional organizers delight in repetitive tasks.  Hand over your list and a roll of stamps and they are good to go.  Just don’t ask your organizer to sign the cards for you. 

As you can see there are lots of ways a Professional Organizer can help you this holiday season.  What holiday tasks do you dislike doing?  How can you outsource those tasks this year to make your holiday season more enjoyable?  Let me know in the comments below.

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