4 Avenues To Productive Sleep

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Some tips in this contributed post on getting a good nights sleep.

For most adults, five or six hours of sleep a night feels like a good shout. When there are children, careers and a social life to be had, there doesn’t feel like there are enough hours in the day to manage it all. Five hours of sleep is actually far less than some adults need, but the average eight hours gets slowly cut down with commute times and finding an hour for yourself every day. Getting a good night of solid sleep requires you to be on the ball, and as someone who is on the ball in day to day life, you want to be able to rev up your productivity the best that you can.

We sink cups of coffee as if life depends on it in the same way we eat sugary food for a quick boost throughout the working day. A good night of sleep is the best productivity hack we could ever hope to learn about because, with a good night of sleep, your whole day is improved. It’s an HD version of the day before, where ideas are quicker and sharper, and colors seem brighter. Energy is a precious commodity in life, so check out our four ways to catch that all important good night’s sleep!

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Set Strict Bedtimes

Routine, routine, routine. It’s the way forward in life! Setting a bedtime that you can actually stick to is so important and you need to be realistic about it. Set a time for getting into bed that you can actually stick to. There’s no point in setting a time that you cannot meet. Do the same with your alarm clock in the morning – keep the time the same each day aside from the weekends and you can ensure you get the correct amount of sleep for you.

Pimp Your Sleep Space

You need to be scouring the best websites to ensure you’re buying the best mattress that is supportive, comfortable and makes you have a restful night of sleep. Sites like MattressLife.com bring together a wide-selection, so your hunt needn’t be so widespread! Your pillows should be hypoallergenic, your duvet should suit the season and you can read here about duvet togs and how best to choose yours. You should have soft lights and even softer carpets. The whole room should be muted, comfortable and ready for you to snooze in.

BlueScreens Out

Blue screen technology and the constant need for social media access has a lot to answer for. Leave your phone out of the bedroom. Keep the tablet away and for at least an hour before bed, leave the screens alone. Stimulation can be far too much before bedtime and prevent your brain from switching off correctly.

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Blue Colors In

So, we want you to leave blue screen technology out of the bedroom, but you need to invite the color blue in. Blue is the most restful color in the color spectrum, and you need to surround yourself with it. Blue cushions, carpets, and blankets can train your brain into being tired enough to sleep at night.

Sleep is precious, and while you may be on the go all day, you need to be productive on switching off. Goodnight, sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite!

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