Make your Boring Office Extra Glam


Hopefully, you like your job well enough (and you should since you spend about 8 or more hours there every day). But like many people, you’re probably looking at some fairly boring cube walls or even just surfaces that are designed to be pretty benign. Unfortunately, boring surfaces can equal a kind of ho-hum feel about spending time in that workspace. We get it—but we’re here to tell you that a few touches of glam aren’t that hard to achieve, and you don’t need to be a DIY expert either.

For example, spray paint is something that nearly every person can do—you just point and spray, right? So use that same spray paint to dress up those very utilitarian pieces of your desk, such as the stapler and scissors. How do you do that and what other projects can you work on for your office space? This graphic gives you some ideas.


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