The (Nearly) Painless Method Of Organizing A Cluttered Attic


The weather is still cool in most of the country.  What a great time to clean out your attic.  Read on to get inspired to clean out the attic in this contributed post.

Big organizational jobs often have one thing in common. It is they seem to be intimidating because it looks like completing such tasks will take a lot of time and effort. However, this isn’t always the case; In fact, when it comes to larger organizational jobs like decluttering the attic and turning it into a usable room, it is possible to succeed fairly painlessly. Read the post below to find out how.


One element to creating a painless experience when you are transforming an attic space from a dark, dingy storeroom to a usable area is a deadline.

In fact, having a deadline is so important because as human we tend to procrastinate and put things off until they desperately need to be done. Setting a deadline for organizing your attic can help here because it ensures that you begin thinking about what needs to be done and that you start to formulate a plan on how to do it, something I will take about in more detail below.

Setting a specific deadline is a good idea when organizing the attic.

Where possible set yourself a deadline within the next few months and build this into your plan, so you have a reason to get up there and assess the situation. Don’t worry if it all seems too overwhelming to begin with because you won’t be trying to do the whole thing in one afternoon, just get that deadline set and then you will have something to work towards.


Next, just like you would when you are trying to achieve any goal you need to work out why you want to clear out the attic. Is it because you are sick of wasting some prime space that could become a playroom, spare bedroom, or reading nook? Is it because there are some items up there that could make you money if you could find them and put them on an online auction site?

It could even be that you are sick of being swamped with stuff and want to organize your possessions so you can live more minimally. In fact, it doesn’t matter what your motivation is, as long as it’s something that is important to you. This is because it’s the emotional connection you feel that will help you get up off your butt and complete the clear out in the time you have set yourself.

Address the problems

The next step is a big one, so it’s OK if it takes a little bit of time. This step is all about address any issues or problem that may get in the way of you following through with you attic organization.

Now, these can be pretty varied, so there is no one size fits all solution here, and you may need to get a little creative with your thinking.

For example, for some folks, the thought of getting rid of items that have been passed down through the family prevents them from completing such a job. They feel guilty because these things have some sentimental value. However, they don’t have any practical purpose or place in their home, because if they did, they would be being used or displayed.

This is an emotional issue above anything else, and it can be one that can severely sabotage any organization or declutter task. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to brainstorm the advantages of keeping and losing such items before you try and take any action.

On the benefits side, you may have things like the fact that you are being loyal to deceased family members. Whereas on the disadvantages side there can be all sorts of points like increased space, extra money, and the fact that the items will go to someone that truly loves them for what they are.

In fact, this approach can usually help even the most stubborn person with hoarder tendencies to realize that they are better off with parting with at least some their stuff and storing the rest in a more organized manner.

Next, there are some practical issues that you can come across during an attic organization that may prevent you from completing your task. One, in particular, is the chance of running across creepy crawlies and rodents in a space that is not often inhabited by humans.

Luckily, there are brave experts like ABC Home & Commercial that are prepared to visit your home and deal with your pest infestation for you. Of course, it’s likely that to do this you will have to clear a bit of space for them to be able to work in, so it’s worth factoring this into your plan as well.

Plan of action

Now, we are onto the fourth stage and apart from a little reconnaissance and cleaning work you probably won’t have even touched the items clogging up your attic yet. That is OK though because it’s all about doing the practical and psychological groundwork before you get to the nitty-gritty of things.

With that in mind, it is now time to formulate a solid plan of how you will attack this attic organization and clean out. You will have a time scale, and a list of things you will need to act on before you can get up there and get going.

What you also need to add to your plan is how you will be dealing with each sort of item. To help with this it can be useful to plan to split things into piles, the main ones being ‘keep and remove.’

If you have the room it can also be useful to split the remove pile down even further into items that you will throw in the garbage, recycle, and things that you will sell. Know exactly where these piles will be kept, and how you will get rid of them to ensure that you aren’t just moving clutter around from room to room. Also, consider hiring a skip or truck to take garbage to the landfill as soon as possible.

Timed sessions

This fifth stage is where you start to get up close and personal with the actual item in the attic, and put them into the keep or remove piles. Most people attack this is one fell swoop by trying to get it done in an afternoon, day, or week. However, it is better to deal with this task in a different way which includes short, sharp bursts of productivity.

To do this, don’t block out an entire day or week to clear out attic but try to do two to three focused session a day. What I mean by focused sessions are 10-15 minutes that are strictly timed and no longer. Such sessions can work so well because the small amount of time ensures that you do not get caught up in thinking about whether to keep or remove an item. You have to make a split second decision based on instinct, which is usually much more effective in organizing tasks like this.

In fact by doing 2- 3 focused sessions a day you can get a room like an attic cleared out sorted in a short space of time because you don’t end up losing hours working up the energy to get going. You also don’t end up wondering whether you have made the right decisions and undoing your excellent work. Yes, it may sound counter-intuitive it certainly is effective!

Preventing slip-back

Lastly, once you have removed all the unwanted items and install storage to keep the things you retain more organized, its essential to keep the space as clear as possible.

To do this try to assign the room a practical use in your everyday life by making it a computer game room for the kids, a study, or a craft room. Then it will be much easier to keep clutter free in the long term, and even though this method of organizing at attic space is relatively painless, it will prevent you from having to go through this task all over again, in the near future.

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